Notulae Algarum: An Online Journal for Algae

Welcome and Aims

Notulae Algarum is a peer-reviewed, on-line only journal published by AlgaeBase as part of its services to the Phycological Community. Articles are distributed Open Access under a Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Authors retain all relevant rights.


Notulae Algarum is intended for brief notes (generally 1-2 pages, but longer manuscripts may be considered after prior consultation with the Editor and agreement to pay €10 page charges per page over two pages) to rectify nomenclatural and taxonomic issues quickly, and to report briefly on other phycological matters, including obituaries of persons well-known in phycology for their taxonomic or nomenclatural contributions. Even a paper of less than a page is acceptable to correct a nomenclatural or taxonomic issue. Please use the Word template provided for submissions. Only new names falling under the remit of the International Code for Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Shenzhen Code) are considered for publication.



If your manuscript includes new taxa, types or nomenclatural acts at any rank, it is required to register the novelties with PhycoBank, the registration system for algae. Please contact the curation team ( to get PhycoBank identifier(s). Registration will be finalised shortly after publication.


"Compared to higher-plant taxonomists, phycologists include more than their fair share of workers who are either unaware of certain provisions [of the International Code of Nomenclature] or choose to ignore them." (P.C. Silva in Hegewald & Silva: Annotated catalogue of Scenedesmus 1988: vii).

Peer-review process: All submissions to Notulae Algarum are peer-reviewed by at least two independent assessors after consultation with the Editorial Board. Upon receipt of reports, decisions are made whether to accept/reject or to return the manuscript for revision. Final decisions on publication are made by the Editor. All page charges must be paid vai PayPal prior to publication.


Submissions are accepted only by e-mail: Please ensure that all submissions meet the requirements of the Instructions for Authors (particularly the use of the supplied Word template). If you are introducing a new combination or a new name, a PDF of the publication where the basionym or replaced name must be submitted at the same time or, if the publication is very large, a link to the publication, or a PDF of the relevant page(s) of the original publication.